Oh, I could throw you in the lake, or feed you poisoned birthday cake

I won't deny I'm gonna miss you when you're gone

Poisoned birthday cake
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this journal is used purely to house the ten/master fic i've written for doctorwho_100 (or rather it will be... once i've written any) in order to spare those of my friends list who:
a) don't watch doctor who
b) do watch doctor who, but don't think the doctor is secretly in love with his arch-nemeses (go figure)
c) don't really like me and wish i'd shut up.

my real journal is aralias where i post all the time. feel free to friend me if you want to, though i do post a lot. ask those people who aren't watching this community ;)

my table of prompts is here back at my real journal. there are also links there to the other who fics i've written in the tags. i like tags.

gorgeous poisoned cake graphic by kassie_opia, who now owns whatever's left of my soul.