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31 October 2007 @ 09:00 pm
dark with extra sex - preview  
Because I'm going away for a bit and I have completely failed to post for almost a month, here's a preview of the tenth fic of this community - as voted for by you (and it was a good choice, btw. I'm just having trouble writing because I am lame).

Prompt 74: dark, and with sex... eventually. None in this section though. The rest will appear as soon as I can find an internet connection again. Should be in about a week.

The other sort of AU.

The problem with having an evil plan based on a paradox is that you are entirely dependant on nothing happening to it. Paradox machines are certainly fun for a while, and lend an interesting new scope to one’s schemes, but they are extremely fragile and only an idiot relies on them surviving for longer than it takes to have a good laugh. The Master is not an idiot, and so he’d never really expected his dominion of Earth to last. Of course, the Doctor would think of a way to stop him: a reasonably intelligent three year old could have done it. Not that this makes the humiliation of being thoroughly foiled any easier to bear, but he’d been expecting it. Being Earth’s evil overlord had been relatively amusing while it lasted, but it had been time for a change anyway; time for a new plan.

Meanwhile, the Doctor is so sure he’s won. The Master can see it clearly in his eyes - that sanctimonious smugness as goodness prevails once more. He talks about understanding and stretches out his hand. The offer is unspoken, but quite genuine, because the Doctor really does forgive him. All he has to do is give up now and they can run away together. If the whole thing wasn’t so funny, it would be almost unbearably nauseating.

“Give that to me,” the Doctor says.

The Master looks down at the thing in his hand and smiles.

Master,” the Doctor says, sternly. “Give me the remote.”

The Master laughs. “I guess you don’t know me so well,” he says. “And I’m afraid you’ve also made another rather basic miscalculation. Because, you see, I won’t actually be killing myself if I press this button. I won’t even be killing you, I’m afraid. How disappointing, is that?”

The good thing about having a plan based on a paradox machine is that when your plan fails (as it inevitably will) you can cut your losses and try again.

“Master,” the Doctor says again. “Don’t-”

“Boom,” the Master grins, his eyes wide. Then he depresses the black hole converter and the world explodes.
Kassie: dw : angel and devilkassie_opia on October 31st, 2007 09:24 pm (UTC)
I may now have to read the whole thing, sex scenes or no (dammit, the world is conspiring against me on this one...)
ALSO, you have to leave the ending as "and the world explodes."
Because it would be MARVELLOUS.
(and I envy your fic skills. I can't seem to make the Master evil enough... have been attempting to write the next bit of that medieval-Russia one and the worst he's done is get drunk and whinge.)
Yus. Anyway. Very nice. (and YAY, I get to use this icon again :D)
araliasaralias on November 1st, 2007 12:20 am (UTC)
i admit, i did kind of post this extract because my brain said "omg, that is a great ending!" even though i have a whole actual, you know, story left to go after it. well, sort of a story anyway.

also, i find it really difficult to make the master evil too. he just goes around committing petty crimes and making the doctor miserable by making jibes about his hair in my head. this one should be better though, by which i mean worse, because the master's going to be consciously nasty.

and i read the first chapter of your fic, and the master lops someone's head of and then electructes and entire courtroom! ... that's evil, surely ;)
Katja: NotEvilentropynchaos on January 15th, 2008 06:58 pm (UTC)
Crazy!Master rocks! *g* And, really, that's what gives fics a nice edge.