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17 March 2008 @ 11:35 pm
hello kids! look, i'm finally updating, how about that? er, it isn't that dark thing i said i was going to write though, but that's on its way i promise.

Fic Name: Come to Utopia (alternately titled 'Making Amends')
Rating: PG for the light swearing
Prompt: #3 Ends
Claim: Ten/Master
Word count: approx 3,500 most of which is dialogue as usual.
AN: inspired by a really, really old letter in the DW magasine, which commented on how bleakly LotTL painted the end of the human race, leaving them screaming against the darkness after the promised hope of 'Utopia.'
Summary: More AU. In which the Doctor, having saved the Master's life at the end of LotTL, returns to Utopia to rescue the human spheres he was forced to trap there, the Master gets sick of the sound of his own voice, and the universe nearly ends twice.

“The call came from across the stars, over and over again.”

Come to UtopiaCollapse )
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22 December 2007 @ 08:09 pm
...i believe my last post says i would put finish the dark prompt within a week. obviously, this turned out to be laughably un-true, because i was nanowrimo-ing, and working and basically i still haven't done it, but. i'm feeling good about the next week.

maybe. but that's not the point. i bring something else. it's not actually a doctorwho_100 and there's but a wee sliver of doctor/master-ness amongst the life on mars-ing, but i figured i'd post it here anyway. just in case you were interested.

i'll finish off dark soon, i promise.

written for kassie_opia who requested a christmassy life on mars/doctor who crossover.
major spoilers in the first sentence for life on mars series 2. almost not AU for the last of the time lords.
disclaimer: i, of course, like the scissor sisters. sam is just mad in a coma, or back in time
summary: On the 25th of December 1973, DI Sam Tyler finds something left outside his flat that won't be invented for another thirty years.

Human Again

(also, my other doctor who fic is here)
31 October 2007 @ 09:00 pm
Because I'm going away for a bit and I have completely failed to post for almost a month, here's a preview of the tenth fic of this community - as voted for by you (and it was a good choice, btw. I'm just having trouble writing because I am lame).

Prompt 74: dark, and with sex... eventually. None in this section though. The rest will appear as soon as I can find an internet connection again. Should be in about a week.

The other sort of AU.

The problem with having an evil plan based on a paradox is that you are entirely dependant on nothing happening to it.Collapse )
22 October 2007 @ 04:06 pm
i realised recently that the next fic is going to be the tenth out of a hundred, and because sometimes i enjoy being told what to write, i've decided to mark this momentous occasion with audience participation:

what should i write next? some of these i have ideas for already... others are chosen at random. to make things more fun i will not say which just yet. i will just complain when you vote wrong ;)

Poll #1075528 10/100

Should I be prompted by...

#14 Regret
#17 Blue
#41 Human
#49 History
#74 Dark
#94 Celebrate

And of course - sex, or no sex?

No sex, plsthx
Stop being such a nancy and write the PORN, you know you want to

poll closes wednesday.

n.b. it occurs to me that perhaps i ought to have had a "do whatever you think is right for the story" option in the last question (otherwise we might end up with a story about cake that happens to feature a torrid sexual encounter), then again this is not really in the spirit of "tell me what to write" so perhaps it was for the best.
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22 October 2007 @ 03:26 pm
Fic Name: A lack of subtlety
Rating: G
Prompt: #34 Too much
Claim: Ten/Master
Word count: 200 exactly
Summary: More LotTL AU. This time with added silliness.
AN: And, at last, there was the past tense and a healthy dose of cheerful crack. As you may have noticed, I haven't posted for a while - a much less ridiculous fic is being stubborn and not working at all - so I gave up on it and wrote this instead in about ten minutes.

What *do* they do onboard the TARDIS for eternity?Collapse )
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06 October 2007 @ 05:18 pm
Fic Name: Autumn
Rating: G
Prompt: #64 Autumn
Claim: Ten/Master
Summary: In which the Master does something else unforgivable, and, for once, the Doctor doesn't forgive him for it.
AN: This is the final one, which means THE CIRCLE IS COMPLETE. And it has its own pretencious name now: The Turn of the World cycle. Autumn displays what is probably not a popular character-preference in my half of the fandom, but I have been listening to the exceptionally beautiful 14th track of the Doctor Who soundtrack a lot recently, and so this is what we have. Also, the Doctor Who timeline is (understandably) cracked up, so I have had to guess when this could have happend. Also, though I live in London, I'm not sure whether they still let you go out on the pedal-boats this late on in the year. For the purposes of this fic though, assume they do.

The first time the Doctor lets the Master choose where to land the TARDIS they end up in a large park back on Earth.Collapse )

Back to summer : On to winter
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01 October 2007 @ 05:49 am
Fic Name: Summer
Rating: R (maybe... I'm not sure.)
Prompt: #63 Summer
Claim: Ten/Master
Summary: In which our heroes go swimming on a world that looks like the set of a popular children's television program. Additionally, there's a large amount of bickering, several dubious and well fondled plot devices, and some sex. Well... almost.
AN: This fic was supposed to be 700 words long like the others. Instead it is two thousand and 700 words long. As the Doctor once said, "It... got a way from me, yes". It's also the wrong POV and therefore totally ruins my beautiful short-fic, Doctor-centric season cycle. I would try to pass it off as another prompt, except this is what happens after Spring, and it has to be from the Master. So... here's Summer. Autumn is fine though. Autumn will be 700 words. All I ask, is that you do not actually laugh at me during the sex. It's my first time.

'You can’t be serious,' the Master says, as the Doctor locks the doors to the TARDIS carefully. 'What the hell is this? Planet of the Teletubbies?'Collapse )

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22 September 2007 @ 02:45 pm
Fic Name: Spring
Rating: G
Prompt: #62 Spring
Claim: Ten/Master
Summary: Spring=fluffy new beginnings. Seriously. This is actually what I have written. The Master does some cooking (yes, the 'done before' bell is ringing loudly), the Doctor doesn't trust him, but then he does (kind of) and they do some running.

The first minute of Vivaldi’s Spring is following the Doctor around the TARDIS.Collapse )

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15 September 2007 @ 03:15 pm
Fic Name: Winter
Rating: G (back to that again)
Prompt: #61 Winter
Claim: Ten/Master
AN: This doesn't get cross posted anywhere yet, because it's going to part of a four fic cycle. How twee exciting. I'll spam everyone's f-lists when it's done. Until now, consider this a sneak preview should you be watching this community.

Silly, shallow stuff. Basically, AU for the end of LotTL. The Doctor saved the Master's life (how is not important given the length/shallowness of this) and the two are travelling the universe. Things aren't going smoothly though. After all, this is winter.

The Doctor is re-reading The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe when it starts to snow, and so, at first, he assumes it’s his overactive imagination at work again.Collapse )

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08 September 2007 @ 10:13 pm
Fic Name: Losing
Rating: PG-13 for one naughty word at the beginning. (Sort of. It's more anatomically correct than naughty to be fair, but that's the best I can do at the moment)
Prompt: #85 She
Claim: Ten/Master
AN: This is a bit cheeky, because really it's a Lucy/Master fic with some Ten/Master lurking in the background trying to make itself felt, but I decided this was pretty much the only way I was going to manage 'she' in a pairing without that pronoun.
Remixed by netgirl_y2k: She Bangs the Drums (Losing, Losing, Lost Remix)

Lucy watches her husband and the Doctor on board the Valiant. She has already lost which is what he wants, but the Doctor just won't give in, and it's clearly starting to fascinate and annoy Harry.

She - who always seems so happy in a crowdCollapse )
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