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22 December 2007 @ 08:09 pm
happy christmas all  
...i believe my last post says i would put finish the dark prompt within a week. obviously, this turned out to be laughably un-true, because i was nanowrimo-ing, and working and basically i still haven't done it, but. i'm feeling good about the next week.

maybe. but that's not the point. i bring something else. it's not actually a doctorwho_100 and there's but a wee sliver of doctor/master-ness amongst the life on mars-ing, but i figured i'd post it here anyway. just in case you were interested.

i'll finish off dark soon, i promise.

written for kassie_opia who requested a christmassy life on mars/doctor who crossover.
major spoilers in the first sentence for life on mars series 2. almost not AU for the last of the time lords.
disclaimer: i, of course, like the scissor sisters. sam is just mad in a coma, or back in time
summary: On the 25th of December 1973, DI Sam Tyler finds something left outside his flat that won't be invented for another thirty years.

Human Again

(also, my other doctor who fic is here)